Monthly Archives: July 2012

Joint Workshop on Automated Selection and Tuning of Algorithms

The “Joint Workshop on Automated Selection and Tuning of Algorithms” will be held at this years PPSN (1-5 September 2012) in Taormina. The aim of this workshop is to collect research concepts and bring together researchers of interdisciplinary areas such as computer science, artificial intelligence, statistics, machine learning and optimization in order to interactively discuss the current state-of-the art and most important research topics to be addressed in the near future in the field of automated selection and tuning of algorithms. Continue reading

Call for Papers: Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory

Rome. Location of the “ESF Strategic Workshop on Uncertainty Management in Simulation-Optimization of Complex Systems”


Simulation-optimization is an active field of research and is also increasingly being used in practical simulation applications and incorporated into simulation software packages. This Special Issue is devoted to report the recent advancements in simulation-optimization techniques for complex systems and how they are applied in practice. Continue reading