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SPOTSeven joins FONA

“Mankind is confronted with a challenge of an unprecedented extent. The next 10 to 20 years will determine whether and how to cope with the global challenges posed by climate change and water shortage, the loss of biodiversity, soil degradation and shortage of resources and energy.” From FONA (

SPOTSeven is involved as an actor in the BMBF (German Federal Ministry of Education and Research) Framework Programme Research for Sustainable Development (FONA). Research for sustainability offers an integrated system-oriented approach that develops innovative concepts and solutions for these challenges. It is meant to be the basis for decision making for future-oriented acting. For this purpose, the FONA integrates the entire research process from the basis to the application. Continue reading

Really one of the classics: Optimization of a two-phase nozzle with an ES

The two-phase nozzle optimization is really one of the classics in the field of evolutionary optimization. Hans-Paul Schwefel performed the original experiments and collected the data. Uli Hermes created the 3D-model. While watching Gusz Eiben‘s TED talk “Tech Kangaroos: Evolution at Work,” I was wondering whether the old gifs and mpegs are still on-line. Yes, here they are – thanks to Frank Kursawe‘s WWW page. Continue reading

EU/ME Meeting

The 2013 EU/MEeting will be held in Hamburg, Germany. EU/ME – the metaheuristics community has more than 1500 registered users from more than 80 countries. EU/ME is the largest working group on metaheuristics worldwide. This working group is a platform for information and communication among researchers and practitioners in metaheuristics. Becoming a member is free, see

Computers can’t see everything

Vigilance météorologique MétéoFrance du 19 août 2012 6h Predictions have to be studied by people, because they can add relevant context. Nate Silver claims that in weather forecasting, even the most sophisticated computer modeling systems disagree with each other. His new book “The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail-but Some Don’t” will be published on Sept, 27th. A review can be found on

A Gentle Introduction to Sequential Parameter Optimization

The paper “A Gentle Introduction to Sequential Parameter Optimization” is available online via Cologne Open Science. It can be used as a starting point for exploring the interesting world of algorithm tuning and parameter optimization. It was written as a beginner’s guide to Sequential Parameter Optimization Toolbox SPOT. Several examples illustrate the SPOT approach. Here is the direct link: Continue reading