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HVAC Optimierung und Simulation: Treffen mit Bosch Thermotechnik

Von links nach rechts: Dr. Katya Vladislavleva, Dr. Boris Naujoks, Moritz Steffen, Dr. Monika Scherer (Bosch Thermotechnik), Narendhran C S, Dr. Michael Arndt (Bosch Thermotechnik), Arturo Gonzalez, Dr. Thomas Bartz-Beielstein, Margarita Rebolledo, Martina Friese, Jörg Stork, Federico Rojas

Im Rahmen eines Treffens am 22.1.2013 in der Fachhochschule kam es zu einem Austausch über Abschlussarbeiten und weitere Forschungsinhalte zwischen Systementwicklern der Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH und dem SPOTSeven Team.

SPOTSeven: Moving to a new office

SPOTSeven team members in the “M&M office”: Beate, Katya, Boris, Thomas, Olaf, Martin, Oliver, Martina, and Christian

SPOTSeven is moving to a new office. Today, we visited the new rooms (Z107-Z109) in the Ziegelbau. The new address is:
Fachhochschule Köln
Steinmüllerallee 12 (Ziegelbau)
51643 Gummersbach


The new location: Steinmüllerallee 12 (Ziegelbau)

EVO* 2013 Paper Accepted: Ensemble-based Forecasting Methods for Smart-Metering Data

The paper entitled “Comparing Ensemble-based Forecasting Methods for Smart-Metering Data”, submitted to EvoApps13, has been accepted for inclusion in the proceedings. The paper was written by Oliver Flasch, Martina Friese, Katya Vladislavleva, Thomas Bartz-Beielstein, Olaf Mersmann, Boris Naujoks, Joerg Stork, and Martin Zaefferer.

EvoApplications, the European Conference on the Applications of Evolutionary Computation -formerly known as EvoWorkshops- brings together researchers in a variety of areas of application of Evolutionary Computation and other Nature-inspired techniques. EvoApplications invites high quality contributions for its 16th edition, which will be held as part of the EvoStar 2013 event in Vienna, Austria, April 3–5 2013 and co-located within EvoStar with four related conferences: EuroGPEvoBIOEvoCOP and EvoMUSART.

The paper describes results from an on-going project with GreenPocket GmbH, one of the leading providers of software infrastructure for smart metering and smart home in Germany. GreenPocket develops software solutions that process smart metering data to give consumers insights into their consumption habits and provide them with accurate forecasts of their future energy consumption. Among GreenPocket’s customers are electric utility companies who collect and analyze smart metering data of thousands of customers. This means that the energy consumption forecasting methods employed have to be scalable and efficient.

Evolutionary Multi-Criterion Optimization 2013: Programme Available

The preliminary programme for EMO 2013 is now available. Members of the SPOTSeven team will present together with researchers from TU Dortmund and Leiden University the paper “A Case Study on Multi-Criteria Optimization of an Event Detection Software under Limited Budgets“. The abstract of this paper, which was written by Martin Zaefferer, Thomas Bartz-Beielstein, Boris Naujoks, Tobias Wagner, and Michael Emmerich, reads as follows:

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