PPSN 2016 Tutorial: Meta-Model Assisted (Evolutionary) Optimization

The tutorial proposal “Meta-Model Assisted (Evolutionary) Optimization” was accepted by the PPSN organizers. The proposal abstract reads as follows:

Meta-model assisted optimization has been a well-recognized research area. Because it is applicable in a large number of different scenarios and yields huge improvements in optimization time or cost, it is applied to numerous real-world applications. These include, but are not limited to, the optimization of designs like airfoils, ship propulsion systems etc., chemical processes, biogas plants, composite structures, and electromagnetic circuit design. Meta-modelling is particularly interesting for expensive problems, with only hundreds of possible evaluations.
The aims of this tutorial can be described as follows: Firstly, we will provide a detailed understanding of the established concepts and distinguished methods in meta-model assisted optimization. Therefore, we will present an overview of current research and open issues in this field.
Moreover, we aim for a practical approach. The tutorial should enable the participants to apply up-to-date meta-modelling approaches to actual problems at hand. Afterwards, we will discuss typical problems and their solutions with the participants.
Finally, the tutorial should broaden the horizon of the participants by taking a look into areas where links to meta-modelling concepts have been established more recently, e.g., the application of meta-models in multi-objective optimization or in combinatorial search spaces.

The tutorial will be organized by the following SPOTSeven team members:
Boris Naujoks, Jörg Stork, Martin Zaefferer, and Thomas Bartz-Beielstein.