Our mission is to provide scientific solutions to problems in industrial optimization and process analytics. We are passionate about technology, science, and critical reasoning. We are excited to promote modern data analysis and optimization technology into industry and improve life by empowering process control and product development. We are proud that every success in our consulting projects brings a strong new relationship with industrial partners, very often drives our research to new directions, and motivates our students to pursue education in computational intelligence.

The SPOTSeven team is well connected to the leading research groups

We focus on your individual task and work for your individual benefit. We work sequentially, in a stepwise manner, and pick up the urgent problems first, before we tackle the less important issues. Moreover, we do not claim to deliver a perfect solution in a single iteration, but we deliver measurable improvements in each step. We rely on interaction with and feedback from our clients, resulting in a sequential optimization process.

We apply cutting edge research results and continue exploring new scientific frontiers. Excellence in teaching, data sciences, optimization, and statistical analysis are standard for each member of our unique team. Close cooperation between industry and academia is a hallmark of our approach. We are well connected to the leading data science and optimization research groups in the world.

Our goal is to discover solutions that integrate perfectly into your existing infrastructure. Our recent projects are focused on solving engineering problems in the domains: energy, water, steel, and plastic industry. We seek useable results that are of strategic value to your company.

We develop and maintain individual solutions. We work independently, i.e., we do not sell one specific product or method. Customers get the best from several worlds. Our team consists of passionate data detectives thrilled by knowledge discovery. SpotSeven members have experience from different projects and form a unique team, combining complementary skills. We are all different, have different backgrounds, have historically worked in different domains, but we all get a kick from having a problem solved.