Sowmya Chandrasekaran

sowmyachandrasekaranSowmya Chandrasekaran completed her Masters in Automation and IT and is part of SPOTSeven Team since Apr 2016. She earned Bachelor of Technology in Electrical and Electronics Engineering  along with Diploma in Software Engineering in India. Before joining her Masters program, she was working as Senior Software Engineer in India and is experienced in Java, J2EE and Oracle Technologies.

She is currently working as a part of OWOS research project ( see also SPOTSeven research projects).  Her research interest includes: Computational Intelligence, Multivariate Anomaly Detection in Sensor Data, Performance Analysis Frameworks, Data Mining/ Machine Learning,  Process Mining, Deep Learning and Internet of Things.


Technische Hochschule Köln
Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering Science
Steinmüllerallee 1, 51643 Gummersbach