Steffen Moritz

M. Sc. Steffen Moritz is a research associate at Cologne University of Applied Sciences and part of the SpotSeven Team. Before directly joining CUAS in 2016 he was working three years in R&D at Bosch Thermotechnik (being external SpotSeven member). Steffen earned his master’s degree in business information systems at TH Mittelhessen in Gießen.

Steffen is currently working within the IMProvT research project (see also SPOTSeven research projects). Steffen is a experienced R and Java developer and has profound knowledge in Data Mining and Data Analytics. He is also engaged in the open source community, developing the imputeTS time series imputation R package.

Research interests:

  • Imputation (missing value replacement)
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Event detection in sensor environments
  • Data Mining / Machine Learning