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@GECCO2016: Talking about “Surrogate Model-based Optimization in Practice”


Today, at 10:40 Thomas Bartz-Beielstein will talk about “Surrogate Model-based Optimization in Practice” in Wind River A. More:
BTW, Jürgen Branke is talking about “Efficient Global Optimization” (EGO) right now in Wind River B in his tutorial about “Simulation Optimization”. EGO will be discussed in the “Surrogate Model-based Optimization in Practice” talk, too.

Multi-fidelity modeling and optimization of biogas plants – free article available for 50 days!

Anyone who clicks on the link until August 24, 2016, will be taken to the final version of the article “Multi-fidelity modeling and optimization of biogas plants” (Martin Zaefferer, Daniel Gaida, Thomas Bartz-Beielstein) on ScienceDirect for free. No sign up or registration is needed – just click and read! Here is the link:

Highlights of this article read as follows:

  • Accurate and fast simulation models mandatory for the optimization of biogas plants.
  • Improve precision of simulation models without increasing the number of evaluations.
  • Combining results: complex simulator, simple estimation-based model and surrogate model.
  • Advantages and limitations of multi-fidelity modeling approaches are discussed.