Wirtschaftstalk Köln: COLOGNE AI – Artificial Intelligence for Germany

The premiere of the Cologne Economic Talk was broadcast live from the KOMED hall in Mediapark Cologne (Fotos by Peter Johann KierzkowskiCC BY). On the podium were:

  • Maik Außendorf MdB, spokesperson for digital policy of the parliamentary group Alliance 90/The Greens,
  • Dr. Robert Zores, Chief Digital Innovation Officer (CDIO) and Managing Director REWE digital
  • Thomas Bartz-Beielstein, Managing Director of the IDE+A Institute for Data Science, Engineering and Analytics at TH Cologne and
  • Lukas Stratmann, Chief Evangelist of the STARTPLATZ Al Hub.

The moderator was Antonia Koop.

My Top 3 Takeaways, if you cannot watch the whole talk:

  1. Bulletproof AI made in Germany/EU: Among other things, by establishing AI error reporting systems (similar to the US Aviation Safety Reporting System or the reporting system for safety-relevant incidents of the Federal Supervisory Authority for Air Traffic Control)
  2. LLM hallucinations are most likely features of current language models and not bugs that can be fixed with more computing power and data.
  3. AI regulation must be implemented efficiently so that it does not prevent innovation. This is not free of charge.

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