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CfP: @GECCO2017 Genetic Improvement Workshop

Genetic Improvement Workshop (GI-2017)

Only one month to go before the submission deadline Wednesday March 29th 2017
for the third edition of the international Genetic Improvement Workshop.
GI-2017 will take place at GECCO 2017 in Berlin, Germany.

CfP: @GECCO2017 Workshop on Evolving Collective Behaviors in #Robotics

Second workshop on Evolving Collective Behaviors in Robotics
Workshop at ACM GECCO 2017 – July 15th-19th 2017 – Berlin, Germany
Organizers: Nicolas Bredeche (UPMC), Evert Haasdijk (VUA), Heiko Hamann (U. Paderborn), Abraham Prieto (U. Coruña)

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SPOTSeven Lab: Sofas Arrived Today @TH_Koeln @UTOPIAE_network

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Today, two new sofas arrived in the SPOTSeven lab. There is a new chill-out area (in the vicinity of the coffee machine).
If you are interested in an exciting and relaxing work environment, here are some employment opportunities for early stage researchers in the UTOPIAE project (ESR-12 and ESR-13 will be hosted in the SPOTSeven lab):
You can also contact Prof. Bartz-Beielstein if you are looking for an interesting bachelor or master thesis.

Click and Read! Free Access: Continuous and Discrete Global #Surrogate #Optimization click and read! Everybody can use the following personal article link, which will provide free access to the article “Model-based methods for continuous and discrete global optimization” (Thomas Bartz-Beielstein, Martin Zaefferer), and is valid for 50 days, until April 11, 2017:

Here are some highlights:

  • Up-to-date survey and comprehensive taxonomy of surrogate model based optimization algorithms.
  • Covers continuous and discrete/combinatorial search spaces.
  • Presents six strategies for dealing with discrete data structures.
  • New strategy for model selection and combination in surrogate model-based optimization.
  • Outlook on important challenges (model selection, dimensionality, benchmarks, definiteness) and research directions.

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