Design optimization of the Zao jumping hill (Seo Kazuya)

Since 2012 the Zao jumping hill in Yamagata city has been host to the annual ladies world cup. A renovation related to the landing slope was planned for 2015, and this was the subject of this study. It is likely to cost 700,000,000 Japanese yen (5,800,000 USD, or 5,000,000 EUR), so there is a huge responsibility on the shoulders of the authors.
The concept behind the design of the landing slope is that the landing slope should enable the spectators to witness an exciting spectacle, that the jumpers should land safely, and that it can be constructed with the minimum cost.

Seo Kazuya
KAZUYA SEO, a professor, Department of Science, Yamagata University. The forth ISEA Fellow (International Sports Engineering Association), and also a JSME Fellow (The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers). My current interest is Sports Engineering. I am supporting some National Federations for Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games.