GECCO Challenge 2015 Results

Submission Evaluation

For the evaluation of the submitted timeseries, the RMSE between the prediction ŷ and the related test data y has been used. Since four seperate time series had to be recovered, the arithmetic mean of the resulting four RMSE values was used as final rating.

Detailed Results

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Submission Supply Temp. Setp. Supply Temp. Return Temp. Sys. Power Mean
Farzad Noorian 3.497 1.687 1.257 3.208 2.412
Samuel Santos 4.510 2.287 1.534 7.759 4.023
Grant Dick 5.359 4.087 3.389 4.761 4.399
Klaus Häming 7.284 4.218 4.225 4.715 5.111
Aranildo Lima 7.998 6.568 2.360 6.702 5.907
Kevin Dubois 11.731 7.389 6.942 5.580 7.911

Additional Downloads

Download the extended GECCO 2015 IC Resource Package, containing the required datasets, software, and the official rules and regulations in ZIP Format format. In contrast to the original resource package, this package also contains the original test data.

You can download the slides of the Industrial Challenge Results Presentation at GECCO as pdf File. The presentations of the two winning submissions are separately available. You find all additional information about the submissions in the results table above by clicking the respective row.