GECCO Challenge 2018 Results

Submission Evaluation

For the evaluation of the submitted online-methods, the methods have been executed on a dataset unknown to the participants. The quality of the detector is then calculated using the F1 score, the harmonic mean of precision and recall, which is defined as:

F1 = 2 · (PPV · TPR) / (PPV + TPR)


PPV = ∑ TruePositive / ∑ PredictionPositive


TPR = ∑ TruePositive / ∑ConditionPositive ,

so that PPV describes the ration between the number of true positive predictions and the number of all positive predictions while TPR the ratio between the number of true positive predictions and the number of actual events. Per definition this score ranges from values from 0 to 1, with 1 being the best achievable score.

Detailed Results

Submission F1 Score
Minh Nguyen, Affan Hamdani, Kalaichelvi Rajendran 0.56123041
Fitore Muharremi 0.47693977
Victor H. A. Ribeiro (SVM) 0.45098039
Victor H. A. Ribeiro (DT) 0.39030920
Abdul_Rasheeq, Jagadesh_Devan, Jithi_Varghese 0.35265018
Abdul_Rasheeq, Jagadesh_Devan, Jithi_Varghese 0.31148135
Xingguo Chen, Fan Feng, Jikai Wu, Yushuang Wu, and Wenyu Liu 0.27644055
Valerie Fehst (LSTM) 0.2687546
Valerie Fehst (SVM) 0.12497675
Lam Gia Thuan 0.09470433
Alabbas Alhaj Ali 0.04021720
Thomas Belser, Pooja Patel 0.03034088
Gozde, Nikitha and Vijaymurali 0.02925610


Additional Downloads

Download the GECCO 2018 test data set as RDS File.