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Help Make #Octave Amazing. #OpenScience #OpenSource #AppliedMathematics

Octave is a scientific programming language with powerful mathematics-oriented syntax, built-in plotting and visualization tools. It is free software, runs on GNU/Linux, macOS, BSD, and Windows. And, last, but not least: It is drop-in compatible with many Matlab scripts.
Isn’t it already amazing? Here is the link to help page:

@th_koeln: Drei Forscher gewinnen “Zeit für Forschung”

Drei besonders forschungsstarke Professorinnen und Professoren der TH Köln zählen zu den Gewinnern des Förderprogramms “FH Zeit für Forschung“:

  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Bartz-Beielstein: “OWOS – Open Water – Open Source”
  • Prof. Dr. Lars Ribbe: “WaterSec – Water Security and Climate Extremes – Bringing Big Data to Action”
  • Prof. Dr. Nicole Teusch: “3D MikroTumor – Dreidimensionale Tumor-Mikromilieu-Modelle zur Wirkstoffsuche”

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