BIOMA 2016 Publications Freely Available

The purpose of the BIOMA conference is to provide a forum for presentation and discussion of the latest theoretical and applied results in bioinspired optimization methodology and its applications. Contributions (PDFs) are freely available for download from the BIOMA homepage.
The list of available paper reads as follows:

Invited Talks:
T. Bartz-Beielstein A Survey of Model-Based Methods for Global Optimization
E.-G. Talbi Parallel Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms

Session 1:
M. Rigakis et al. Artificial Bee Colony Optimization Approach to Develop Strategies for the Iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma
T. Jakšić Krüger and T. Davidović Sensitivity Analysis of the Bee Colony Optimization Algorithm
D. Bajer and G. Martinović: A Parameter Control Scheme for DE Inspired by ACO
R. Šenkerik et al. On the Application of Complex Network Analysis for Metaheuristics

Session 2:
T. Bartz-Beielstein Experimental Algorithmics Applied to On-Line Machine Learning
T. Eftimov et al. Disadvantages of Statistical Comparison of Stochastic Optimization Algorithms
M. Ravber et al. The Impact of Quality Indicators on the Rating of Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms

Session 3:
M. Okulewicz and J. Mańdziuk A Particle Swarm Optimization Hyper-Heuristic for the Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem
N. Gaskó et al. Extremal Optimization and Network Community Structure
M. Friese et al. Building Ensembles of Surrogates by Optimal Convex Combination

Session 4:
R. Polakova The Exponential Crossover in L-SHADE Algorithm
P. Bujok and J. Tvrdík Enhanced SHADE and Real-World Optimization Problems
K. Tagawa Worst Case Optimization Using Chebyshev Inequality
T. Tušar et al. The Pitfalls of Overfitting in Optimization of a Manufacturing Quality Control Procedure

Session 5:
T. Ohno et al. Robust Multi-Objective Optimization of Water Distribution Networks
H. Zupan et al. A Heuristic for the Job Shop Scheduling Problem
M. Rebolledo et al. Modeling and Optimization of a Robust Gas Sensor