Dual-Award Fully-funded PhD Scholarship on Optimization / AutoML / Automatic Algorithm Configuration

Extended deadline: July 16th, 2023 (with a start date of September 2023)
(if you need more time to finalize your application, please let us know)

The University of Manchester and the University of Melbourne are offering a fully-funded scholarship to their dual-award PhD programme that provides a unique experience for PhD candidates wishing to include study abroad as part of their research.

This project aims to extend the capabilities of automatic configuration tools to handle multiple conflicting criteria and adapt to such changes in the problem characteristics. For this purpose, the teams at Manchester and Melbourne will join their expertise in automatic configuration of algorithms and instance space analysis. The result of this project will be more powerful tools for tuning and deploying the critical algorithms that our modern world relies on so that they can better adapt to changes in the problems being solved and let users decide the most appropriate trade-off among conflicting criteria.

What you get:

* Two PhD degrees from top universities, The University of Manchester (top 10 in Europe, top 50 in the World) and The University of Melbourne
* All University fees paid by the project
* Competitive stipend of at least 17,668 GBP / year (tax-free) with yearly increments for the duration of the project (four years).
* 3 years at the University of Manchester and one-year at the University of Melbourne.

The candidate will be enrolled in the PhD program at the Alliance Manchester Business School at the University of Manchester and in the PhD program at the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Melbourne. Receiving a dual-award allows you to benefit from two world-leading institutions.

More information: https://lopez-ibanez.eu/dual-award-2023

For questions related to your application, contact: HUMS.doctoralacademy.admissions@manchester.ac.uk