EvoStar 2023 – CFP: Special Session on Surrogate-Assisted Evolutionary Computation

EvoStar, the leading European event on bio‑inspired computation, will have a Special Session on Surrogate-Assisted Evolutionary Computation (S-A-E-O) in 2023.

Webpage: https://www.evostar.org/2023/evoapps/saeo/
About the session:

In many real-world optimisation problems evaluating the objective function(s) is expensive, perhaps requiring days of computation for a single evaluation. Surrogate-assisted optimisation attempts to alleviate this problem by employing computationally cheap ‘surrogate’ models to estimate the objective function(s) or the ranking relationships of the candidate solutions.

The Session on Surrogate-Assisted Evolutionary Optimisation (S-A-E-O) to be held at EvoStar 2023 in Brno, Czech Republic, aims to promote the research on surrogate-assisted evolutionary optimisation, particularly the synergies between evolutionary optimisation and machine learning.
Topics of Interest

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
Bayesian optimization
Advanced machine learning techniques for constructing surrogates
Model management in surrogate-assisted optimisation
Multi-level, multi-fidelity surrogates
Complexity and efficiency of surrogate-assisted methods
Small and big data-driven evolutionary optimisation
Model approximation in dynamic, robust and multi-modal optimisation
Model approximation in multi- and many-objective optimisation
Surrogate-assisted evolutionary optimisation of high-dimensional problems
Comparison of different modelling methods in surrogate construction
Surrogate-assisted identification of the feasible region
Comparison of evolutionary and non-evolutionary approaches with surrogate models
Test problems for surrogate-assisted evolutionary optimisation
Performance improvement techniques in surrogate-assisted evolutionary computation
Performance assessment of surrogate-assisted evolutionary algorithms

Important dates:

  • Submission Deadline: November 1st, 2022
  • EvoStar event: April 12-14, 2023 (Brno, Czech Republic)


Manuscripts describing novel and complete research work and with a limit of 16 pages.
For paper submission instructions and templates, please see: Paper submission instructions

Workshop organizers

Tinkle Chugh (University of Exeter, UK) and Alma Rahat (Swansea University, UK). Please feel free contact any of the special session organizers at t.chugh@exeter.ac.uk , a.a.m.rahat@swansea.ac.uk