GECCO News: Website, Publication Policy, ACM Templates, and Posters

New Website Design: After 18 years of perpetuating the original design of the yearly GECCO website, it was about time to modernize the look and feel. Thanks to the Electronic Media Chairs of GECCO 2017, who made the first design proposals, and a lot of work and effort by people working behind the scenes, the look and feel of GECCO have now followed the ongoing excellence of the conference itself into the 21th century.
Take a look here:

Publication Policiy Updated: Times have changed and arXiv has become a popular way of making results known to the world as quick as possible. Because of this popularity, GECCO (and ACM in general) now have an exception to the rules, which is that simultaneous submissions of work to arXiv are allowed.

New ACM Templates: ACM has introduced new templates for papers and articles to appear in their conference proceedings and journals. The new templates must be used for any new works that are currently still to be submitted, so that includes papers for GECCO 2017. We recommend all authors to use the new template (see the Call for Papers on this site). To ease the transition, for the review process we will still accept papers formatted with the ACM template that was used for GECCO in previous years. However, the final submission of accepted papers MUST be formatted using the new ACM templates.

Poster-only Papers: For the first time this year, submissions are allowed that are targeted at being a poster-only paper of at most 2 pages. Such papers should still present work in genetic and evolutionary computation that is original and new, but has not yet reached the stage of the more mature, complete research results that are typically published in full papers at GECCO. Accepted poster-only papers appear in the ACM digital library as part of the companion proceedings of GECCO. Abstracts for poster-only papers do not have to be submitted in advance.