@GECCO2016: New Photos (part 2) from Evolutionary Computation in Practice

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Here is the second set of photos from yesterday’s Evolutionary Computation in Practice / Industrial Applications of Metaheuristics track at #GECCO2016 (afternoon sessions). You might recognize the following speakers:
Bogdan Filipic: “Challenges of Deploying Evolutionary Computation in Steel Industry”
Carlos A. Coello Coello: “Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization in Real- World Applications”
Anna Esparcia Alcazar: “EC in industry: the quest for the Holy Grail – from Brain Computer Interfaces to automated testing with TESTAR”
Michael Affenzeller: “Heuristic Optimization in Production and Logistics”
Thomas Bäck: “Intelligent Industry Solutions”
Felipe Campelo: “EAs for aeronautical optimization – some results and challenges”
Erik Goodman: “How to Introduce Academic-developed EC Technology to Industry”