MATE: A Model-based Algorithm Tuning Engine – Paper Available

Authors. Mohamed El Yafrani, Marcella Scoczynski, Inkyung Sung, Markus Wagner, Carola Doerr, Peter Nielsen

Abstract. In this paper, we introduce a Model-based Algorithm Tuning Engine, namely MATE, where the parameters of an algorithm are represented as expressions of the features of a target optimisation problem. In contrast to most static (feature-independent) algorithm tuning engines such as irace and SPOT, our approach aims to derive the best parameter configuration of a given algorithm for a specific problem, exploiting the relationships between the algorithm parameters and the features of the problem.
We formulate the problem of finding the relationships between the parameters and the problem features as a symbolic regression problem and we use genetic programming to extract these expressions in a human-readable form. For the evaluation, we apply our approach to the configuration of the (1+1) EA and RLS algorithms for the One-Max, LeadingOnes, BinValue and Jump optimisation problems, where the theoretically optimal algorithm parameters to the problems are avail- able as functions of the features of the problems.
Our study shows that the found relationships typically comply with known theoretical results – this demonstrates (1) the potential of model-based parameter tuning as an alternative to existing static algorithm tuning engines, and (2) its potential to discover relationships between algorithm performance and instance features in human-readable form.