NeurIPS 2021 Tutorials

List of  2021 Tutorials.

  1. Cesar Mattos (Federal University of Ceará), Felipe Tobar (University of Chile): The Art of Gaussian Processes: Classical and Contemporary
  2. Irina Higgins (DeepMind), Toni Creswell (DeepMind) and Seb Racaniere (DeepMind): Do structural priors still matter in the age of transformers?
  3. Karen McKinnon (University of California, Los Angeles), Andrew Poppick (Carleton College): Machine Learning and Statistics for Climate Science
  4. Maria Schuld (Xanadu & University of KwaZulu Natal): Machine learning with quantum computers
  5. Lilian Weng (Open AI), Jong Wook Kim (Open AI): Self-supervised learning: self-prediction and contrastive learning
  6. Shirley Ho (Flatiron Institute & New York University & Princeton University): AI for Science
  7. Timnit Gebru (Black in AI), Emily Denton (Google): Beyond Fair ML: Towards Just, Equitable, and Accountable Machine Learning Systems
  8. Toshiyuki Ohtsuka (Kyoto University): Real-Time Optimization for Fast and Complex Control Systems
  9. Vukosi Marivate (University of Pretoria), David Adelani (Saarland University): A journey through the opportunity of Lower Resourced Natural Language Processing — An African Lens
  10. Wee Sun Lee (National University of Singapore): Message Passing in Machine Learning