New Paper/Toolbox: Computational-Analytical Multi-fidelity Low-thrust Optimization Toolbox (CAMELOT)

Marilena Di Carlo, Juan Manuel Romero Martin, and Massimiliano Vasile (Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Strathclyde) describe the toolbox as follows:

“CAMELOT (Computational-Analytical Multi-fidelity Low-thrust Optimisation Toolbox)

is a toolbox for the fast preliminary design and optimisation of low-thrust trajectories. It solves highly complex combinatorial problems to plan multi-target missions characterised by long spirals including different perturbations. In order to do so, CAMELOT implements a novel multi-fidelity approach combining analytical surrogate modelling and accurate computational estimations of the mission cost. Decisions are then made by using two optimisation engines included in the toolbox, a single objective global optimiser and a combinatorial optimisation algorithm…” Here is the link to the paper (PDF available on