Proposal submission due: February 9
Notification of acceptance: February 23
Conference: September 14–18, 2024
Tutorials/Workshops: September 14–15, 2024
Poster Sessions: September 16–18, 2024

The PPSN 2024 Organizing Committee invites proposals for tutorials to
be held in conjunction with PPSN 2024. The tutorial topic should enjoy
broad interest within the community, ranging from an established or
emerging research topic within the field itself, or a related field,
to an interesting application area. The proposed topic should
facilitate a gentle introduction to the research area, but it should
also cover the most important contributions in depth. The planned
duration of each tutorial is 90 minutes. We strongly encourage
interactive sessions including, e.g., demos of tools and discussions
research perspectives in the presented domains.

For more information and updates on PPSN 2024 please check the
conference website https://ppsn2024.fh-ooe.at/.


Prospective tutorial organizers are cordially invited to submit a
tutorial proposal in pdf-format by email to:


with a message header following the format “TPPSN24: [tutorial’s title]”

The proposal should include:

• An abstract (of no more than 400 words) and up to 4 keywords
• A tutorial description of max. 2 pages
• Classification of your tutorial as “introductory” or “advanced”
• Contact details and a short vitae of the organizer(s)
• Potential target audience
• Expected number of participants
• Details on previously held versions of the proposed tutorial including venues

The tutorials and conference will be held “on-site” only. The
organizers should consider this in their proposal. The local
organizers will provide an adequate room and technical equipment for
local presentations. Hybrid tutorial formats will not be considered.
In case of pandemic-caused restrictions, the tutorials will have to
switch to a full online format.


Fabrício Olivetti de França (Federal University of ABC, Brazil)