Special Issue in IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation: Benchmarking Sampling-Based Optimization Heuristics: Methodology and Software (BENCH)

Benchmarking plays an important role in the study of evolutionary computation methods and other optimization algorithms. Among other benefits, benchmarking helps us analyze strengths and weaknesses of different techniques — knowledge that can be used to design more efficient optimization approaches. Core to benchmarking is a well-designed experimental setup, which ranges from the selection of algorithms, problem instances, and performance metrics over efficient experimentation to a sound evaluation of the benchmark data. To assist researchers and users of evolutionary computation methods, a number of different tools addressing the various different aspects of benchmarking are available. However, most of them are developed in isolation, without a possible integration to already existing software in mind. This hinders knowledge transfer between the different research groups and between academic and industrial practitioners of evolutionary computation methods.

More: https://cmte.ieee.org/cis-benchmarking/event/special-issue-in-ieee-transactions-on-evolutionary-computation-benchmarking-sampling-based-optimization-heuristics-methodology-and-software-bench/