SPOTMisc 1.2.8 Released

This is a minor update that implements the new function funKerasMnist(). Version 1.2.8. is NOT available from CRAN, it can be downloaded from:

The SPOTMisc package can be installed with the following command, where “~/Downloads/” is the name of the local folder:

install.packages("~/Downloads/SPOTMisc_1.2.8.tar.gz", repos=NULL, type="source")

Note: funKerasMnist() tunes the hyperparameters of a simple deep NN on the MNIST dataset. It requires an activated Python environment as described in Bartz-Beielstein, T., Rehbach, F., Sen, A., and Zaefferer, M.: Surrogate Model Based Hyperparameter Tuning for Deep Learning with SPOT, June 2021.