SPOTMisc R Package Windows Binaries Published on CRAN

The R package SPOTMisc_1.2.2.tar.gz has been built for Windows (R version 4.1.0 (2021-05-18)) and
will be published in the corresponding CRAN directory:

SPOTMisc: Misc Extensions for the ‘SPOT’ Package

Implements additional models, simulation tools, and interfaces as extensions to ‘SPOT’. It provides tools for interfacing ‘mlr’, for performing Markov chain simulations, and for sensitivity analysis based on sequential bifurcation methods as described in Bettonvil and Kleijnen (1996). Furthermore, additional plotting functions for output from ‘SPOT’ runs are implemented. Bartz-Beielstein T, Lasarczyk C W G, Preuss M (2005) <doi:10.1109/CEC.2005.1554761>. Bartz-Beielstein T, Zaefferer M, Rehbach F (2021) <arXiv:1712.04076>. Bettonvil, B, Kleijnen JPC (1996) <doi:10.1016/S0377-2217(96)00156-7>.