Steinmüller Engineering and @TH_Koeln: Continuation of a Long-Term Cooperation

Sabine Wurth-Goller (Marketing Manager, SE), Prof. Dr. Thomas Bartz-Beielstein, Shinichi Takano (Managing Director, SE), and Thomas Will (Head of Steam Generation, SE)

Shinichi Takano (Managing Director, Steinmüller Engineering) visited the SPOTSeven Lab at the TH Köln Campus in Gummersbach last week. 

On 1. April, Shinichi Takano (47) took over the position of managing director of Steinmüller Engineering GmbH in Gummersbach and is thus directing the company together with Dr. Hans-Ulrich Thierbach. Mr. Takano follows on Mr. Iwasaki, who has supported the successful development of the business since 2014. With Shinichi Takano an excellent expert in conventional power plant technology has been selected for the top management of the Steinmüller-Engineering GmbH in Gummersbach.

Based on the cooperation between Steinmüller Engineering and TH Köln several research projects were established, e.g., CIMO: ”CI-basierte mehrkriterielle Optimierungsverfahren für Anwendungen in der Industrie.“ More than half a million Euros were acquired for joint research projects. Many successful Bachelor-, Master- and PhD Projects are based on this cooperation. The prestigious “Steinmüller-Engineering-Preis“, which focuses on excellent
Master- and PhD students, is an important result of this cooperation.

Prof. Dr. Monika Engelen (TH Köln), Sabine Wurth-Goller (Marketing Manager, SE), Prof. Dr. Thomas Bartz-Beielstein (TH Köln), Shinichi Takano (Managing Director, SE), Thomas Will (Head of Steam Generation, SE), and Manfred Stern (TH Köln)
will organize this year’s Steinmüller-Engineering-Preis procedure.