What is Open Science?

Fig. taken from: https://ropensci.org

Research performed at the SPOTSeven Lab @th_koeln takes not only the scientific content, but also its impact to the society into account. Our research is inspired by our partners from academia, industry, and society. We are advocating open source tools such as R (https://cran.r-project.org). Open Science (@rOpenSci) can be characterized as follows:
Open science is the practice of making various elements of scientific research — data & methods, code & software, and results & publications — readily accessible to anyone. While this has great potential for advancing research (in addition to education, public policy, & commercial innovation) as a whole, there are both technical and social challenges preventing this practice from being more widespread. Social challenges stem largely from the dichotomy between what is best for an individual researcher and what is best for the community.
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