A Co-operative Algorithm Framework for Solving Large-Scale Heterogeneous Problems with Multiple Objectives

Interested in optimization algorithms for solving business, management, operations research and industrial optimization problems with real-world impact? Then this project is for you!

A PhD studentship funded by a generous scholarship drawing together ideas on co-operation in nature, co-operative game AI, and automatic algorithm design in order to tackle large-scale challenges in optimising energy transition technologies.

What you get:

  • PhD degree from the The University of Manchester (top 10 in Europe, top 50 in the World)
  • Competitive stipend of at least 22,500 GBP / year (tax-free)
  • Work placement (3 months) at SLB Cambridge Research site (all expenses covered) to develop your research work and learn from top scientists and domain experts
  • All University fees paid by the project.

Industrial partner: SLB / Schlumberger Cambridge Research

Supervisors: Manuel López-Ibáñez (University of Manchester); Joshua Knowles (SLB / SCR)

This project is open for UK/EU/International candidates

Application deadline: 19 January 2024 (if you need more time please let us know)

For more details about this project, please see: https://lopez-ibanez.eu/icase-phd-2024