EURO 2024 Deadline Approaching

The deadline for submission to EURO 2024 is approaching (3th of March 2024).
As we have done for the last 8 years, DSO is organising a stream on the link between Data Science and Optimization. See the sessions below.
Visit the Euro 2024 website ( and use the invitation code to submit your abstract to your favourite session.

Looking forward to seeing you in Copenhagen,

Patrick De Causmaecker

Stream Data Science Meets Optimization

Industrial Optimization Grzegorz Pawlak d3dd2e94
Data driven optimization in health care Patrick De Causmaecker 2dc62758
(Deep) Reinforcement Learning for Combinatorial Optimization Yingqian Zhang and Kevin Tierney 3de87f48
Data Science and Optimization Ender Özcan and Andrew Parkes e900842a
Optimization Problems and Machine Learning Michael Römer c9f65332
Data science meets strongly NP-Hard CO Dimitri Papadimitriou cc0c4c73
Graph theory, optimization and data science Patrick De Causmaecker c0fc2b47