DigitalXChange 2021: Call for Papers

Bildnachweis: TH Köln Campus Gummersbach – Sebastian Hopp

Wir erwarten wieder rund 1000 Anmeldungen zur Konferenz Digital Xchange Bergisches RheinLand am Samstag, dem 02. Oktober 2021. Egal ob Studierende, Lehrende, Politiker*innen, Unternehmer*innen, Mitglieder von Verwaltungen und Verbänden oder interessierte Bürger*innen: Sie können diese Digital-Konferenz aktiv mitgestalten!
Der Call for Papers läuft – bitte reichen Sie Ihren Beitrag bis zum 31. März 2021 ein!

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GECCO 2021 Competition on Dynamic Stacking Optimization in Uncertain Environments

Hotstorage. In this track a dynamic environment is provided that represents a simplified, but realistic stacking scenario. It is characterized by three types of stacks called ArrivalBuffer, and Handover as well as a Crane which relocates Blocks between the stacks. Image taken from

In this competition we give you a server where you can delve into two challenging and mysterious worlds of blocks and stacks. The hero in these worlds are robotic cranes that are fearlessly stacking and delivering blocks. Did you ever wish to take control of such a robot solving a herculean task? Well, now is your chance! Our cranes want to do a good job and therefore rely on YOUR optimization skills! They wait for you to tell it which blocks to pick up and where to drop them off so that the continuing stream of incoming blocks is dealt with most effortlessly. Competition webpage:

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“Sequential Parameter Optimization for Mixed-Discrete Problems” Published in the Book “Optimization Under Uncertainty with Applications to Aerospace Engineering”

The book Optimization Under Uncertainty with Applications to Aerospace Engineering has recently been published in electronic and print format. It includes our contribution Sequential Parameter Optimization for Mixed-Discrete Problems (Lorenzo Gentile, Thomas Bartz-Beielstein, and Martin Zaefferer).

GECCO 2021 Call for Papers: HOP, Student Workshop, LBA

The Hot Off the Press (HOP) track invites researchers to submit summaries of 
their own works that were recently published in top-tier conferences and 
journals. Contributions are selected based on their scientific quality and their 
relevance to the GECCO community. All details can be found at

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SPOT 2.3.0 is on CRAN

SPOT: Sequential Parameter Optimization Toolbox

SPOT, the Sequential Parameter Optimization Toolbox, is a set of tools for model-based optimization and tuning of algorithms. It includes surrogate models, optimizers, and design of experiment approaches. The main interface is spot, which uses sequentially updated surrogate models for the purpose of efficient optimization. The main goal is to ease the burden of objective function evaluations, when a single evaluation requires a significant amount of resources.

Version 2.30 of the R package SPOT will be published in the corresponding CRAN directory,see

GECCO Challenge 2021 is Online

The GECCO Industrial Challenge is a yearly competition for CI researchers and practitioners taking place at the GECCO. It poses difficult real-world problems provided by industry partners from various fields.

Simulation models are valuable tools for resource usage estimation and capacity planning. The simulator, BaBSim.Hospital, explicitly covers difficulties for hospitals caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The simulator can handle many aspects of resource planning in hospitals, such as ICU beds, ventilators or personal, while taking into consideration several cohorts as age or current health status.

The task represents an instance of an expensive, high-dimensional computer simulation-based optimization problem. The simulations will be executed through an interface and hosted on one of our servers (similar to our last year’s challenge).

Your goal is to find an optimal parameter configuration for the BaBSim.Hospital simulator with a very limited budget of objective function evaluations. The participants will be free to apply one or multiple optimization algorithms of their choice.

More information can be found here.

Call for Papers: 1st International Workshop on Deep Learning in Pervasive Computing (PerDL 2021)

1st International Workshop on
Deep Learning in Pervasive Computing (PerDL 2021)
part of
IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing (PerCom)
March 22-26, Kassel (Germany)
Call for Papers
The most recent advances in  artificial intelligence, as concerns both
software  and hardware,  are fostering  a multitude  of smart  devices
capable to  recognize and  to react  to music, images, as well  as to
other “stimuli”.  These  autonomous things, from robots to cameras to
healthcare  devices,  could exploit  recent  advances  in Internet  of
Things and resort to pervasive and distributed computing techniques in
order to avoid constant connection to the Cloud.

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Nice surprise : #bloxberg goodies arrived today

The bloxberg summit 2020 was planned to take place from March 2 to 4, 2020 at the Harnack House in Berlin, Germany. It was my first event that was cancelled because of COVID-19.
I really looked forward to participating in this event, meeting members of the bloxberg consortium from high-ranking research institutions worldwide.
Today, goodies from this event arrived. What a nice surprise! Many thanks to the organizers of this event. I will pass this materials to my students working on blockchain topics.